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The Military Technical College accepts admission for postgraduate Enrollment of the Second Semester 2022/ 2023 for Those Who Hold a Bachelor’s Degree of Engineering from the Egyptian Universities

Armed Forces News16/11/2022

Within the framework of the keenness of the Armed Forces General Command to raise the scientific and research level of the military and civilian engineers, based on its pioneering role in keeping up with the developments and requirements of the era.

The Military Technical College announces the availability of enrollment in postgraduate studies (Master's - PhD) for those who hold a Bachelor's degree in engineering whether from the Egyptian universities graduates or abroad, in the second semester of the academic year 2022/2023, starting from today until 12/15/2022.

Those who are wishing to enroll in postgraduate studies at the Military Technical College, should review the admission requirements and register their data on the website of the International Information Network with the following link: